Compliments of the Chef: Alyssa Svoronos

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Persimmon Picking Season is Coming!

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My Daily Body Regime

daily body regime skincare

SKIN CARE  | Elina organics creates bio energized skin care products that are as close to nature intended. Her Probiotic polishing mask hydrates, firms and brightens the skin naturally. Magic in a jar! Daily: botanical wash, botanical toner and mermaid elixir. Weekly: organic face scrub, probiotic polishing mask.

DRY BODY BRUSH | this is used daily before showering, without fail, for lymphatic stimulation and flow to help rid impurities and toxic waste from the body.

JIVA-APOHA ATMAN SCENT| all organic essential oils. Sandalwood awakens intuition, Frankincense  sharpens focus, a touch of neroli for a feeling of brightness, tulsi and precious Reserve Palo Santo for a beautifully  scented oil.

TOXIC FREE DEODORANT | I have tried so many different kinds and this one is by far my favorite stops the stink and easy to apply.

MAKEUP  | RMS carries a beautiful line of non toxic makeup that’s affordable and healthy for your skin. Their cover up I mix with restorative beauty balm for nice coverage and hydration. I love their bruiti bronzer and living luminizer.

RESTORATIVE BEAUTY BALM  | is formulated for fast absorption and anti inflammatory properties. It leaves my skin feeling really supple and calm.

SILKY BODY MOISTURIZER  |  my daily body moisturizer, it’s not greasy and feeds the skin exactly what its needs to stay hydrated and firm.

COCONUT OIL -OIL PULLING  | one of many great ways to help detoxify the body. I do it morning and night to help clean my lymph system and keep my teeth healthy. How to in helpful resources.