Doing the Work

I've been in practice in NYC for nearly four years now and there's a reason why I've already established one of the most sought after natural healing spaces in NYC: I hold the space, You do the work. 
One of the prerequisites of working with me is that my clients understand that the majority of their healing and transformation will come from within. While I can hold space for healing in our time together and help my clients understand what is going on in their body, and therefore what their body needs, its up to the client to accept and begin to work with and implement these changes.  A list of services offered can be found below. 

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Digestive Issues 

True digestive health calls on balancing the interconnected physical, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves. Through Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic field balancing we can non-invasively determine the root causes of digestive imbalances and then address the root cause with an appropriate whole food diet and supportive lifestyle changes and supplements. These changes allow for the body to naturally attune itself to vitality and peace. 

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Natural Aging & Skincare 

Aging is a powerful and humbling experience that can be compassionately supported with natural routines that balance vitality, enhance energy and give you that healthy glow. I approach skin health from the inside out, so I’ll offer rituals and products to support the ultimate transformation.


Weight Management 

With the status of modern environmental and agricultural toxicity factors, weight management is often actually about finding the individual balance that will re-open the body’s natural detox pathways and reignite metabolism.

Through Nutrition Response testing and Morphogenic field balancing we’ll determine what's going on from a cellular level, and why the body is holding the weight. Designing lifestyle changes and providing nutritional support, we'll work together to help you take your health back into your own hands.

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Energy Imbalances 

Universal life force energy is utilized to release restrictions and restore the body’s naturally abundant flow of vitality and vigor. Clients are supported in letting go and finding a place of deep rest within themselves. Session last 60 min with the support of essential oils and healing sound frequencies. Energy balancing can be combined with other healing modalities to support your individual needs and establish an overall sense of well being, safety, and balance.


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Nourishing a mother and her family is so vital for the health of our community and for each of us as individuals. I believe guidance and education is key for the health of a family - and through Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic field balancing we'll support mothers and their loved ones on their journies to wellness.

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Meal Prep 

Food is as much about pleasure as it is about healing. Hippocrates believed, “let the food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Preparing meals that are truly healing and just right for your body is a powerful support component of the  healing journey. I celebrate the unaltered power of vegetables, fruit, herbs, roots, nuts, sustainable animal products, seaweeds and spices that will become part of your daily life to support you and your family.

Meal prep ranges from shopping to cooking in your home. Its a service tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Please note, due to the time commitment of meal prep support, I can only take on a limited number of clients per month for this service. Current wait time is 2-3 months.